The Commodities Futures Trading Commission announced yesterday that it has filed a civil enforcement action in federal court in Florida against Sarasota area defendants Oasis International Group, LimitedOasis Management, LLCSatellite Holdings CompanyMichael J. DaCorta, Joseph S. Anile, IIRaymond P. Montie, III, Francisco “Frank” L. Duran , and John J. Haas .

The Complaint alleges that the defendants received approximately $75 million from pool participants for investment in two commodity pools—Oasis Global FX, Limited and Oasis Global FX, SA (collectively, the “Oasis Pools”)—that would purportedly trade in foreign currency exchange (“forex”). The defendants falsely represented that, among other things participants would receive a minimum 12% guaranteed annual return; the Oasis Pools had never had a losing month; there was no risk of loss with the Oasis Pools; and forex trading returns for the Oasis Pools were 22% in 2017 and 21% in 2018. The defendants misappropriated the majority of pool funds and lost the remainder trading forex.

As further alleged, of the approximately $75 million the defendants received from pool participants between mid-April 2014 and the present, the defendants deposited only $21 million into Oasis Pools’ forex trading accounts and lost all of those funds trading. The defendants used over $28 million to make Ponzi-like payments to other pool participants, as well as spending over $18 million for unauthorized personal or business expenses such as real estate purchases in Florida, exotic vacations, sports tickets, pet supplies, loans to family members, and college and study abroad tuition. The defendants also allegedly created and issued false account statements to conceal their trading losses and misappropriation from pool participants by inflating and misrepresenting the value of the pool participants’ investments in the Oasis Pools and the Oasis Pools’ trading returns.

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