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Financial exploitation of the elderly is a rampant problem that hits many American families close to home. This happens most frequently in states with higher retirement populations such as Florida, California, and Arizona. In fact, many states such as Florida have elder abuse statutes providing for money damages or penalties for the exploitation of the elderly. If this has happened to someone in your family — an elderly parent or grandparent, for example — then you are concerned about protecting your loved one’s rights and helping to recover his or her financial losses.

If your elderly family member has lost money due to the negligence, fraud or abusive actions of his or her broker or financial advisor, you need to speak with an experienced South Florida financial elder fraud attorney. Former Wall Street Lawyer Melanie S. Cherdack has handled many cases on behalf of retirees who have lost money in their pensions, IRA funds, SEP plans, or their 401k investments, stock plans, and other retirement vehicles. She leads a team of securities fraud attorneys who represent investors across the United States, Latin America, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.

Unscrupulous individuals often prey on retirees, viewing our older generation as trusting, gullible, and uninformed. The elderly are particularly vulnerable as they often have accumulated savings to invest and may not understand the risks or costs of what they are being sold. They are therefore targeted by unscrupulous brokers or investment advisors. While many of today’s retirees can seek help from an attorney on their own, your parent or grandparent may need your help to recover on a risky or fraudulent investment.

As an adult child, adult grandchild, or other concerned family members, you may be curious about how you can help your loved one recover from the financial loss of elder investment fraud. Or, as a retiree, you may seek our assistance in protecting your rights.

We have extensive experience protecting retirees, their assets, and their estates from elder fraud. You have worked and saved your whole life to retire, and we will fight for your rights to recover you or your loved one’s money.

Former Wall Street Lawyers fighting for the elderly we bring cases against brokers and their firms to protect our retired and elderly clients to recover on claims involving investments such as:

  • IRAs
  • 401ks
  • Keoghs
  • Pension Plans
  • 72Ts
  • Stock Options
  • SEPs
  • Estate Matters involving investments
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • ILITs
  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities
  • DRIPs

Melanie S. Cherdack is a Miami elder fraud lawyer representing clients who lost money in many geographical regions throughout the United States, Caribbean, and Latin America. While many of our elderly clients reside in Florida, many of our clients’ family members do not. If you live outside of Florida and have a defrauded elderly family member living in Florida, Melanie S. Cherdack and her team can assist you. With a compassionate and understanding approach, we have extensive experience in representing older victims of investment fraud and their families and heirs.

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