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While some losses are a possibility in almost any type of investment, many people lose money in their investment accounts due to broker negligence or outright fraud. If you, your business, or your loved one has lost money in any investments due to the wrongdoing or simple negligence of your brokerage firm or other investment professionals, you may have the right to take action.

Because we are former wall street lawyers, we have seen just about every variety of broker misconduct and securities fraud. Our practice is headed by a former in-house attorney for a major brokerage house. Attorney Melanie S. Cherdack, along with a team of experienced lawyers, now only represents investors who have been victimized. We are ready and able to help investors who have lost money due to investment wrongdoing, including:

  • securities fraud lawyers miami

    Securities Fraud Lawyer Miami, South Florida

    Securities fraud occurs in many different scenarios. From simple misrepresentation to Ponzi schemes, our lawyers are prepared to investigate your claims and seek to recover your damages against the appropriate parties. Our lawyers have handled many types of investments scams and are experienced in helping investors recover their money against the wrongdoers.

  • stockbroker negligence lawyers miami

    Stockbroker Negligence Attorneys Miami, South Florida

    A broker may not intend to harm a client, but can nevertheless act in a negligent way causing investment losses. Stockbrokers and brokerage firms have a number of duties to investors. When they fail in these duties and investors suffer financial harm, our law firm will hold these professionals accountable.

  • unsuitable investment attorneys miami

    Unsuitable Investment Lawyers Miami, South Florida

    Brokers must ensure that they know their clients and make suitable investments. Investments must be made with the clients’ investment objectives in mind, including their age, experience level, risk tolerance and the purpose or time horizon for use of the funds.

  • overconcentration losses attorneys miami

    Overconcentration Losses Claim Lawyers Miami, South Florida

    When brokers fail to diversify an investor’s portfolio, it can place an investor’s portfolio needlessly at risk. A broker should not place an investor’s account, or most of their account, into just one investment or a number of investments in one industry.

The majority of investor fraud claims are resolved in arbitration, a private proceeding that is similar in many ways to a courtroom proceeding. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitrates disputes between investors and their securities firms. Our law firm has handled hundreds of arbitration actions before FINRA (formerly NASD) and knows how the process works. We are also familiar with many of the arbitrators who serve on FINRA panels. In addition to being a FINRA arbitrator herself, Melanie S. Cherdack has trained numerous people to serve as FINRA arbitrators. Simply put, we have the experience and know-how you need to make a strong case on your behalf.

We, Will, Give You Honest Answers to Your Questions

The overriding question each of our clients has is: Do I have a claim? Obviously, not all losses are the result of broker misconduct. As former wall street lawyers, we understand the business. Many investment losses are caused by broker fraud, malfeasance, or simple negligence. Our attorneys will personally speak with you to evaluate your claim and give you our honest opinion about the strength of your case. Every investment carries some risk, and many investment losses can be explained in this fashion. In other cases, however, investment losses are the result of fraud or malfeasance. Our South Florida investment fraud attorneys have helped hundreds of investors across the country and internationally recover their losses.

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