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Individual and business investors rely on their stockbrokers or financial advisors for substantive investment advice. Sadly, it is often the case that brokers lack the sufficient training, experience or supervision to adequately advise their clients. Many complex products or strategies have emerged recently, which are difficult to explain and which have risks associated with them that were not fully understood by the brokers who sold them. While a broker may have not intended to harm his or her clients or put their clients’ funds at risk, large portfolio losses are quite often the result of negligent investment advice or negligent broker supervision.

If you have lost significant amounts of money due to a broker’s negligence, it is critical to speak with a lawyer about your legal rights. Attorney Melanie S. Cherdack leads a group of lawyers who represent individual and business investors who have sustained heavy financial losses. Based in Miami, our stockbroker negligence attorneys represent investors across South Florida, the United States, and the Caribbean.

Holding Stockbrokers Responsible for Breaching Their Duties to Investors

Stockbrokers have a fiduciary duty to their clients. In short, a fiduciary duty means that a broker must put his or her clients’ interests above his or her own. Brokers have the duty to inform a client of the risks associated with a particular investment. Many types of investments or investment strategies are particularly complex. In these situations, a broker must take great care to adequately explain and disclose all risks inherent in the investment or strategy. Brokers must faithfully represent the facts associated with any transaction.

Recommending unsuitable investments, failing to diversify, failing to disclose all risks associated with an investment or investment strategy and other actions can go beyond negligence and rise to the level of investment fraud. Our former wall street lawyers will fully review the actions that led to your losses and, where appropriate, hold the stockbroker and brokerage houses responsible for their actions.

Melanie S. Cherdack has represented investors since 1993. Prior to this time, she was Assistant General Counsel for PaineWebber Inc., formerly UBS. As a former wall street lawyer, she has a complete understanding of the legal issues on both sides of these matters.

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