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When a securities professional leaves a position, voluntarily or otherwise, his or her employer is required to report the reason for the termination on the broker’s U-5 Termination Notice. Similarly, when a customer complaint is received, under certain circumstances this complaint must be reported on the broker’s U-4 or U-5 as well. When an employer makes a negative comment on a former employee’s U-5 Form, this information will be a matter of public record. In too many cases, employers make false or defamatory statements about a former employee on the U-5 Form. These statements will damage a financial advisor’s reputation for the remainder of his or her career.

If your reputation has been harmed by false or defamatory U-5 reporting, it is important to retain a lawyer who is well versed in the specific procedures of U-5 expungement. Miami attorney Melanie S. Cherdack leads a group of lawyers who maintain a nationwide U-5 expungement practice. Although based in Miami, we work with local counsel as necessary to represent securities professionals across the United States.

Altering U-5 Forms to Reflect the Truth

The primary means of expunging the contents of a U-5 form is through FINRA arbitration. Our law firm has substantial experience representing brokers in arbitration proceedings before FINRA. Former Wall Street Attorney Melanie S. Cherdack knows how the business works. Consequently, our firm has a comprehensive, valuable perspective on how to prepare a compelling arbitration claim in support of your position.

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