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Investors rely on stockbrokers, financial advisors and other professionals to make prudent investment decisions. Brokers have the duty to know their customers and make investments that reflect their clients’ financial needs and investment objectives.

When brokers make investments that are not suitable for a client’s overall investment strategy, the investor can sustain significant losses that could have been avoided. If you have lost money in unsuitable investments, you may have a claim against your broker or your brokerage firm. Our former wall street lawyers can help you find out whether or not you have a claim for damages.

Investors across the U.S. and the Caribbean have worked with attorney Melanie S. Cherdack to recover their investment losses for over 25 years. She heads up a team of lawyers who represent investors who have been harmed by broker fraud or misconduct. Based in South Florida, our unsuitable investment attorneys are prepared to review your claim and help you recover your money.

Fighting for Investors Who Have Lost Money Due to Broker Negligence

One of the most common instances of unsuitability occurs when a broker places an older person’s investments in risky investments. While younger investors still have many working years to recoup the money, older investors do not have this luxury. When older investors, particularly those on fixed incomes, lose significant amounts in high-risk investments, the result can be catastrophic. Consequently, brokers must work closely with their clients to fully understand their risk tolerance and investment goals.

Our investor fraud law firm will look closely at the investments in order to determine whether your broker breached his or her duty to you. If there is evidence to show that your broker committed fraud or acted negligently, we will work tirelessly to help you or your loved one maximize a recovery.

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