Ponzi scheme

How To Spot a Ponzi Scheme?

May 18, 2020

What is a Ponzi Scheme? In a classic Ponzi scheme, the scammer uses funds from new investors to pay the so-called “ returns” to existing investors.

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investment fraud attorneys

How Do You Select the Right Investment Fraud Attorney?

Nov 11, 2019

You have been the victim of investment fraud. What do you do now?   Without question, your first order of business is to retain the services of an experienced, qualified attorney to handle your investment fraud matter. Yet, having suffered a loss at the hands of an investment “professional,” it is perfectly understandable that you may be a little reluctant to start wading through an endless choice of lawyers to prosecute an investment fraud case. Indeed, it can be difficult to know who might be the best investment fraud lawyer for you under the circumstances. In this blog, we hope to assuage some of those fears. While selecting any type of attorney is always a subjective process that relies on your own judgment and preferences, we will discuss a few important tips to help you be better prepared to select the investment fraud attorney who is right for you. Tip #1 – Do Your Research, Avoid Snap Decisions There is a phrase that goes back to the children’s stories we all remember: “Slow and steady wins the race.” Yes, to garner a little wisdom from the old Tortoise and the Hare story, faster is not always better. More to the point, do not jump at the first attorney you meet. Take your time – slow and steady – to speak with several attorneys before making a decision. While that advice is good for the selection of an attorney in any field, it is vital when you are pursuing a case against a person who purported to be a “financial professional.” That is because you need to find an attorney who is both seasoned in dealing with the complexity of investment fraud cases and is someone with whom you feel comfortable.   Accordingly, in the research phase, you want to start by getting some personal referrals. Ask friends, colleagues, and neighbors for recommendations. You may be surprised that you will get the names of a few attorneys right away. Then, check with state bar associations and, of course, do your online research to find the investment fraud attorneys in your area.   Once you have compiled a list of attorneys who you think would be able to help you, then move into the evaluation phase. That is what the next series of tips is all about. Tip #2 – Experience, Experience, Experience The number one consideration in selecting an investment fraud attorney is – you guessed it – experience. There are attorneys and firms that focus on a number of legal fields, and there are others that specialize in only one. It is very possible that a law firm with a more diverse practice could still effectively help you when acting as your investment fraud attorney. Yet, all things being equal, you might be better off with an attorney who focuses solely on investment fraud matters. Why is that? That is because a person laser-focused on investment fraud cases will have seen every possible fact pattern that could come up in an investment fraud case. Thus, an attorney who has, so to speak, “seen it all,” will be that much better at knowing how […]

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