Choosing an attorney can be a challenging prospect. Indeed, there are myriad factors that come into play when you begin the search for an attorney.  

Whether it is a family lawyer to handle a divorce, a trusts and estates lawyer to handle drafting a will, or a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in a criminal case, there are some things that are universal to the search, and some things that are particular to that specific area of practice.  

The search for a securities fraud attorney is no different. The things that you want to see in all lawyers – integrity, experience – you will want in a securities fraud lawyer. Yet, there are also some characteristics that you want to see specifically with regard to a securities fraud attorney.

If you are currently looking for a securities fraud attorney because you were the victim of investor fraud, then this article is for you. Here, we will discuss the things to look for in general, and specifically with regard to a securities fraud attorney.  

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1.The Basics for Any Attorney Search: Choice and Rapport

Before delving into the criterion specific to securities fraud attorneys, there are just some basics that you should expect with every attorney.

First, do not jump at the first attorney you meet or speak to over the phone. While you may feel that you are comfortable with the first lawyer you encounter, try to pause and meet a few lawyers before deciding. Remember, your lawyer will likely be working with you for a long period of time, will have access to your personal information, and will need to assist you through a difficult time. That is a substantial responsibility, and you will want to be informed about who is out there before making a final decision on representation.  

Second, keep an eye out for the rapport you have when you meet with an attorney for the first time. While there might be many lawyers out there who are technically proficient, or have the highest honors from law school, but may not necessarily “click” with you. Again, take the time to meet with several attorneys to see with whom you can establish the best working relationship. 

2.Type of Securities Fraud Experience

You will, of course, want some amount of experience with any attorney you hire. With securities fraud, however, you will want to make sure that the attorney you choose has considerable experience in this area such as being a former Wall Street lawyer or representing Wall Street firms.

Why do you want someone with that type of background? You want that experience because lawyers who have been “on the other side of the aisle,” so to speak, are far better able to assess your case and anticipate the counterarguments that will be coming back in your direction if you pursue a securities fraud lawsuit.

With someone who has such experience, that person has already spent a long period of time understanding the complex laws as well as knowing what documents or information the brokerage firms have. Thus, a former Wall Street attorney will know all the tricks that big companies play, and will have seen a considerable amount of securities fraud violations.

By the same token, a person with Wall Street experience, having represented the big securities players, will know precisely how a Wall Street firm or large investment house would view your case. They may also have good relationships with the attorneys at those investment firms which may help you if you have to bring a lawsuit against these firms. Armed with that know-how, a securities fraud attorney who is advocating on your behalf may be able to predict how a brokerage firm will act in response to a claim.

3. Contingency or No Contingency?  That is the Question

Many attorneys work on contingency, which means that you do not need to give the attorney money upfront. Rather, the attorney only gets paid if he or she is successful in getting you a monetary award in your case. In sum, unless you win, the lawyer does not get paid.

There are many benefits to contingency arrangements particularly because it means you do not need to pay the attorney his or her fees upfront. That being said, not all contingency attorneys are alike, so make sure you carefully read your fee agreement to understand your rights and obligations.

4. Securities Litigation Experience

In addition to the type of experience, SEC or Wall Street discussed above, you will also want to assess the overall “temperature” of the attorney.  

In some matters, like drafting a will or dealing with patent laws, a ‘cool-as-a-cucumber’ attorney might be just what you need. Someone who is calm and can soberly look at what is needed can give you the best representation.

Yet, a securities fraud case is a bit more rough-and-tumble. So, you might want to favor an attorney for your securities fraud matter who has some fire and can fight hard on your behalf.  

5. Trust

As with many types of attorney-client relationships, you need to look out for a person with whom you trust. Thus, the fifth factor to keep in mind is that you need to be able to trust your attorney to make the best case possible on your behalf, judiciously use your information and the facts of your case, and give you sound advice on the best strategy to follow.  

Get a Former Wall Street Attorney on Your Side

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If you have lost money due to investment fraud or simple broker negligence, it is crucial to hire a lawyer who fully understands this area of law. Former Wall Street attorney Melanie S. Cherdack represents individual and institutional investors who are unwitting victims of investment fraud and broker negligence. She heads up a group of attorneys who represent investors across the United States. Contact us by filling out our online contact form, or calling 888-768-2499.